Edukasi Pemda Jelang HUT Kota Masohi, 109 Pelajar Ikut Lomba Pidato Bahasa Inggris

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Sahubawa Opens English Speech Competition for Middle School/MTs, High School, Vocational School and MA Levels in Central Maluku Regency.

Masohi, CakraNEWS.ID– In order to welcome the 66th Anniversary of Masohi City which falls on November 3 2023, the Regional Government of Central Maluku Regency through the Education and Culture Office is holding a Speech Contest in English which will be held at Baileo Ir . Soekarno Masohi City on Thursday (26/10).

This speech competition in English develops a theme Arranging and Building Masohi City, Footprints of the Son of the Dawn Who Were Neglected in National Development.

There were 109 participants at SMP/MTs, SMA, SMK and MA levels in Central Maluku Regency.

The educational event was opened directly by the Regent’s Expert Staff for Development and Community Affairs representing the Acting Regent.

Present at this activity were Forkopimda Malteng, the Regent’s Expert Staff, Regional Secretariat Assistants, OPD Leaders within the Malteng Regional Government, school principals and competition participants.

Acting Regent of Malteng Rakib Sahubawa, who was represented by the Regent’s Expert Staff for Development and Community Affairs, Erni Kamto, in his speech as well as officially opening this activity, said that the Regional Government and Community in the district entitled Pamahanunusa really appreciated the holding of the English speech competition at the level of Middle School/MTs and High School students. , SMK and MA in 2023.

According to Sahubawa, this competition is not just an event to find champions, but is actually a forum for educational competition for the younger generation, especially students at SMP/MTs, SMA, SMK and MA levels to create brilliant ideas, opinions and innovations in English.

Sahubawa hopes that the English speech competition will trigger the enthusiasm of students in Malteng to improve their English language skills so that there will be higher and more real competitiveness in the human resources sector in Malteng.

“This is really needed considering that English is an international language used for communication,” said Sahubawa.

He added that English is an appropriate communication tool, especially in conveying information between information givers and information recipients.

According to the Acting Regent, English has an important role as a means of communication in all aspects of people’s lives.

Thus, through the English speech competition ahead of the 66th Masohi City Anniversary, the Malteng Regional Government is paying serious attention to improving and developing the quality of education for the nation’s children in the district nicknamed “Pamahanunusa” both at the junior high school/MTs, high school, SMK and MA.

On the other hand, Sahubawa also hopes that all students in this oldest district will be able to master and be skilled in English and have the motivation to dialogue using English, he asked.

In line with that, as the number 1 person in this district, Sahubawa reminded students in Malteng district to be able to preserve Indonesian as the nation’s main language in communicating every day, both in the educational environment, the family environment and even in other general public environments.

He added that the Indonesian nation has the second most regional languages ​​in the world, namely where Indonesia has 720 languages ​​based on “Ethnilogue” data for 2023.

Meanwhile, Sahubawa asked the competition participants to show their abilities and skills by making this event a means of improving their ability to speak English, he asked. *** CNI-06/Lex

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